Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Query Transformations - follow up

Despite the doubts about the topic "Query Transformations" (described in my previous post) presented at OOW which was quite technical I found extremely nice comments in different blog posts written by the attendees of my presentation. Thanks for sharing that with others. I was really happy and at same time surprised to have the room almost full and I hope everybody has learned at least something useful.

For those, who don't have access to presentations at OOW 2010 I uploaded the presentation to my home site and it is ready for download. You have to login (or register first if you have no login yet).

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  1. Hi Jože Senegačnik
    My name is Haris and I'd like to read your blog pertaining to Oracle. Your blog is very informative and many new things i learned. I would like to download your oracle presentation slide, however, I could not locate the registration section. Can you please guide me how I can can register and download those slides.