Thursday, 16 September 2010

Michigan Oak Table Symposium 2010 (MOTS) in Ann Arbor, MI, USA

This morning we started with probably the biggest gathering of OakTable members ever. We gathered in Ann Arbor in Michigan for a two day event just before the Oracle Open World in San Francisco. The seminar is running in 3 parallel sessions.
Cary Millsap, one of the founders of OakTable, told a short story how OakTable was founded and then he introduced Mogens Norgard - "Moans The Magnificent" who was answering to the secret questions even before he knew for them. Believe, we had a lot of fun with the answers and questions as well. On the picture you can see Mogens answering the questions and wearing the magic hat.
As Doug Burns couldn't make to this event I offered to have another presentation which I had already in the past and was proposed by Carol - "Optimizing Access Paths".

Tomorrow I'll be talking about "SQL Plan Baselines, Adaptive Cursor Sharing , Automatic Cardinality Feedback SQL Tuning in Oracle 11gR2".


  1. Thank you once again for helping out and I'm sure the presentation was amazing as usual!



  2. Thanks for the nice words and we miss you here ...

  3. So interesting to have a oaktable eseminar