Friday, 17 September 2010

Michigan OakTable Symposium - Day 2

Today I had my presentation in the first slot in the morning and I was pleasantly surprised as the room was full. Obviously the "execution plan stability" is one of the biggest concerns of every DBA. After the presentation Jonathan Lewis told me that he made 4 pages of notes while attending the presentation and now he has a lot of new stuff to investigate.
Next session I attended was Cristian Antognini's presentation about obtaining the execution plans which was part of two slot presentation about execution plans. As usually, Cristian had a very good presentation.

The next session was Jeremiah Wilton's battle between SQL server and Oracle, both running in Amazon cloud environment. Again, a very nice presentation.

Before the lunch we made a group picture of all Oakies gathered at the event. Unfortunately some of them are missing on the picture.

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