Thursday, 24 March 2011

Update on Chris Date's Seminar in Ljubljana May 23-24 2011

The registration for the seminar is now open and there is a substantial early bird registration discount. Beside this the members of Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian Oracle User Group have additional discount. Please see the details on about the seminar registration.

I tried really hard to organize this unique event at the affordable prices for everybody especially in times when the financial crisis is still striking the budget for education.

Interesting opinion about Chris Date's seminar in Ljubljana was published today by Dejan Sarka, worldwide known Slovenian expert for Microsoft SQL server . He wrote: "Well, IMHO C. J. Date is the most important contemporary theorist on the Relational Model. If there is a single person in the world I would like to listen, this is Date." ..."If you have opportunity to join the Date's seminar, do not hesitate! it is a unique opportunity, and I find the price, thanks to great organization of the DbProf company, very attractive." Details here. Because he is a speaker at Slovenian NT Conference which is unfortunately taking place at the same time, he is not able to attend this unique event.