Friday, 9 November 2012

Internet Explorer Can Not Access Database Console Page - Certficate Error

Microsoft recently launched a security patch for Internet Explorer which requires a 1024 bits long key. Originally when the EM Database Control (DB Console) was installed  the self generated key  length is 512 bits.
The IE therefore reports a problem with the web site (EM) certificate.
Oracle has recently published a note on My Oracle Support (MOS) under ID 1498203.1
"Log In To Grid Control Console 10g or DB Control 10g and 11g within Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9 fails with "Internet Explorer cannot display this page" or with Security Certificate Error".

Actually one has to patch the EM in order to be able to increase the key length to 1024 bits. The command which should be used is:

emctl secure dbconsole -key_strength 1024 -reset

However, without first applying the Patch 14503114 one will get error that the parameter -key_strength is not supported. So in order to resolve the problem patch has to be applied.

The other possible workaround is to use another browser which is satisfied with 512 bits long key. Google Chrome and Firefox work just perfectly.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

SANGAM12 - All Indian Oracle Users Group Conference in Bangalore, India

I am writing this blog post at the Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport in Paris just after return flight from Bangalore, India. I had the privilege to be a speaker at the SANGAM12 Conference, which is actually the All Indian Oracle User Group Conference. Conference was taking place at Crowne Plaza hotel in Bangalore on November 2nd to 3rd. 
Final wrap-up session.
My traveling to India encountered problems already at the CDG airport where I had only about one hour between the flight from Ljubljana to Paris and the flight from Paris to Bangalore. There were huge queues in front of passport control and only about half of the counters were working so I was immediately convinced that I will miss my flight. Finally after coming at the gate about 5 minutes prior the formal departure I saw the airplane at the gate but was not allowed to board because the airplane door was already closed. So I had to reschedule my flight and the new connection was flight via New Delhi with Air India. Unfortunately I had to wait about 10 hours. So arrived in New Delhi next morning and the connection flight was in early afternoon. So final delay was approximately  16 hours. I had ordered the airport pick up but unfortunately there was a rush hour at the time so it took us more then two hours to finally arrive at the conference venue where I was also sleeping. The conference day was already over so I only met Tom Kyte, Graham Wood  and Andrew Holdsworth from Oracle Corporation, having a final beer in the lobby. 
The conference agenda was very interesting.  My first presentation on Saturday, November 3rd was at noon and the biggest room was almost full. I had the presentation "Getting best from the Cost Based Optimizer". I started with some jokes so the contact with the audience was established. 
My second presentation "Execution Plan Interpretation" was in the afternoon in slightly smaller room. I was just about to start the presentation when the organizer decided to move my presentation the the biggest room as so many people were staying outside. Surprisingly it took us just about 3 minutes to swap the rooms and I was able to start the presentation.  
According to the feedback from many people after my both presentations they were very well accepted. Finally I also met my friend from Facebook Aman Sharma in person. He was also presenting about the
The way back so far was uneventful and I had good rest during the flight back. 
Together with Aman Sharma and guys from Oracle India.
I have congratulated Muralli Valath who is the president of the group for excellent organization of the event and I hope I'll be able to present again in India next year.  This was their 4th conference so theay are still growing and I am sure that they have a great potential to become one of the biggest Oracle User Groups worldwide.